WE ARE 207

A community of athletes from all walks of life who come together under one roof to push each other to be better than we were yesterday. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in 40 years, or you’re a seasoned veteran trying to make it to regionals or beyond. We accommodate all. The above needs only vary in degree, not kind. And your coaches and the community are here to help you get there and beyond.

At 207, we make better people.


“I started today after lots of encouragement from some friends and family. I was very impressed by the staff. Kyle stayed by my side the whole time I was there to teach me the basics and make sure I was doing my exercises correctly. I was surprised at how friendly the general public is. During my workout I was complimented and encouraged several times by people in the gym. It felt really good. I’m excited to be a part of their family and I can’t wait to get more involved.”
Jason Rowels
“Me and a group of my 4 friends dropped in for a week of workouts at 207 while on vacation and couldn’t be more pleased. This gym is absolutely incredible! We were so well accompanied by all the coaches and owner Kyle, as well as all of the members. Gorgeous gym & awesome programming. Highly recommend to join if you live in the area or if you are stopping by the area for a drop in!”
Kimberly Alexa
“CrossFit is awesome… People of any fitness level will benefit from the knowledge of the trainers here. I will never go anywhere else!!”
Shawna Crowley
“I was hesitant to join. CrossFit was a little too intimidating to me. I finally gave in and have had no regrets. After only 3 months, I feel awesome and see the results. Everyone is so supportive and there is such a sense of community. I actually look forward to the workouts! It’s my new favorite place to be!”
Dawn Roberge



Let’s start your journey.


Diana Cloutier

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Jason St. Pierre

Tell us a little about yourself  Married my high school sweetheart, Kristie. We have been together since 1990,we have 2 great boys, Wyatt and [...]

Kristie St.Pierre

           Tell us a little about yourself I'm a mom of two amazing teenage/adult boys. I work at Wentworth Douglas [...]

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