We are A ROLLING GYM. A typical CrossFit Box will run hour long classes as its bread and butter product. Classes allow for a very fast in and out and turnover for clientele and are an easy sell for a product (they appear very collected and coordinated to both observers and participants making them less intimidating in some ways). However, classes make it difficult to orient clients toward their drastically different and individual goals. Correcting movement faults or practicing new movements is as limited as the classes need to move at a particular pace. And, the scheduling may limit your ability to attend or can create inconvenience in your busy personal schedule. All day Rolling Gym allows you the freedom to show up when your schedule allows, move at your pace, and work on your goals. It helps to make gym time a relaxing time and increases efficiency as each client can be addressed more individually. However, when first walking in it looks like absolute chaos! This can be intimidating when you first walk in. But, after just a few sessions and an open report with your trainer, a rhythm in the chaos can quickly be found.

Whether you are the most advanced of CrossFitters or someone just looking to maintain health and independence in their golden years. We have the programming, availability and strategies to get you toward YOUR goals.

The Programming
Our training philosophy is standard to CrossFit: Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed at a High Intensity. In this we try to maximize our General Physical Preparedness. The idea that any task can be thrown at you and you would likely be able to not only handle it, but excel at it. For some people this may mean different things. To an officer they may better be able to to handle a physical altercation. For a firefighter it might mean making it out of a burning building. For an athlete it might mean the avoidance of injury in an awkward fall or hit. For a parent it might mean just keeping up with your kids. Every day we prescribe a variety of movements and challenges to help build a better person. Members work through the workout of the day (WOD), and if they have the urge and time, one or more skill pieces that will help them better work toward their individual goals.

The WOD (Workout Of the Day) is usually a conditioning drill involving one or more stations that can last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than a half hour. We post multiple levels of difficulty each day catered toward our different populations at our gym. “Fitness” is geared toward the median population at the gym, intended for people looking to be generally fit and well rounded. The movements for this fitness level are doable by nearly everyone, and the volume is very manageable. “Performance or Competitive” is geared toward the top 10% of our members. It’s intended for anyone looking to be competitive at CrossFit, Fitness, or Sport in general. The movements in this skill level tend to be more complex and coordinated and take more time and experience to achieve. Although we post different skill levels, the workouts are geared toward the same stimulus. In essence they are the same workout, but scaled toward different levels of difficulty, allowing everyone to participate in the same General Physical Preparedness program no matter what their fitness level is. Whether they are an NCAA athlete or a grandmother of two, they can train together side by side.

Furthermore, by appropriately modifying and scaling, strength or deficiency can be challenged or accommodated. Our daily skill pieces are each geared toward different goals; we are usually working through a long term structured weightlifting program for added muscle growth, strength and explosiveness; extra conditioning drills for endurance, stamina and agility; and body weight drills for kinesthetic awareness, balance and control. As much as we love our Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed to a High Intensity, there is usefulness outside of this. For one we vary our variance. What this means is that the workout and stimuli can change by a lot and a little. While drastically varying the workouts, (which is very different than randomizing) is a very potent tool that allows us to get large adaptations continually by avoiding the body’s law of accommodation. We also like to run different parts of our progressions in pendulums (ascending or descending patterns); micro-cycles, meso-cycles and macro-cycles; sandwiching movements before and after a rest day, or repeating a difficult movement exactly.

As the smaller variances allow for us to better learn a movement, skill set, pace or strategy, we love our mobility. We set up everyone with a unique stretching routine to best address any issues that they may have. We also set up focused stretches and mobilizations oriented toward that particular day’s skills and WOD, or to help with recovery from the previous day’s work. We love our accessory work. As useful and great as functional movements are, sometimes we have to get a little more focused with our aim. Sometimes certain muscle groups can be underdeveloped or under recruited and it takes a more isolated movement to get the muscle group to catch-up or fire-up. On a case by case basis, we can use bands, light weights, or some specialized strength tools to work on the deficiency and get everything running smoothly. E.g. Banded flys for scapular stability, or Glute-Ham Curls to get the Hamstrings to catch up to the Quadriceps.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

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