Tell us a little about yourself.

My interest consists of many thing, gardening, quilting,out door activities and cross fit. I always work to succeed. From working as a department manager to owning my oun retail store. Marriage and have three children and 2 grandchildren and two on the way. Which I enjoy to the fullest. My struggles in life was dealing with depression, post traumatic disorder, and diabetes and sun deficiency. The most difficult is struggling with depression. Every day is a new day and need to put one foot in front of you and try to keep a position outlook. And tell my self you can do it. It’s not easy, and always need to work at it. CrossFit has been very good for me because it challenges me to be a better person. And the gym is like a family helping one another for support.


How and When did you first discover CrossFit?

My daughter and son in-law have been doing CrossFit for a while and said I should try it. I have and now it’s been a little over a year yah.


How has CrossFit helped you?

To be positive and to achieve my goals.


What is your favorite thing about the gym/CrossFit?

I enjoy the challenge I walk in to every day.


Favorite Color?

Olive green


Favorite Food?

Spaghetti and my home made sauce


Favorite Exercise/Personal Best?

I don’t have one I enjoy most


Most Dreaded Exercise?