CrossFit 207 Presents: Maine’s Fittest 2017

//CrossFit 207 Presents: Maine’s Fittest 2017

CrossFit 207 Presents: Maine’s Fittest 2017


For Maine Residents ONLY.

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Workouts will be released for Scaled and Masters 50+. Some or none will be released for Rx [Masters]. Scaled will give hints as to what the Rx workouts will be.

Rx General Standards: (These loadings should be looked at as at least having a 1 RM exceeding listed weight)
[Front] Squat 225/155#, OHS 135/95; Deadlift 345/245#, Squat Clean 225/155#, Power Clean and Jerk 185/125#, Thruster/GTO (155/105); Power Snatch 135/95; SDLHP (135/95); American KBS 70/55; DB Snatch 50/35, HSPU, Wall Ball (30/20) C2B, T2B, Bar or Ring Muscle Up, Rope Climbs, GHD Sit Ups, Box Jumps (30″/24″); Double Unders; All burpee varieties, Row, Ski, Bike
Final for Rx will be High Skill
General Scaled Standards:
[Front] Squat 115/75#, OHS 95/65; Deadlift 225/155#, Clean and Jerk 115/95#, Thruster/GTO 95/65; SDLHP (95/65); American KBS 55/35; DB Snatch 35/25; Single Arm KB/DB Front Squat or Clean(35/25), Wall Ball (20/14), Push Ups, Push Press (105/70) Jumping Pull Ups, Ring Rows, Knee Raises, Ab Mat Sit Ups, Box Jumps (24″/20″); Single Unders; Row, Ski, Bike

For more information, check out the Facebook event page.