February Athlete of the Month: Tricia Keating

//February Athlete of the Month: Tricia Keating

February Athlete of the Month: Tricia Keating

Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, life story, occupation, struggles and/or successes:
I am 32 years old and live in Wakefield, NH with my husband Bo and our beautiful daughter Everly. We just finished building our new lake home this past fall and are expecting another baby girl this July! I’m currently a full time Mumma and loving every little adventure with my little mini.

How and when did you first discover crossfit?

In the Fall of 2014 Bo and I stumbled upon CrossFit 207 while in the Sanford area and figured
we would check it out. We were pretty sure it
wasn’t anything we were interested in but we were so over the “Gym” scene and in search of something that would actually work. We instantly fell in love and joined as a little pre-wedding gift to ourselves. And today we couldn’t imagine not having it in our lives.

How has crossfit helped you?
CrossFit has become my outlet physically and mentally. It’s something I look forward to everyday to recharge my batteries. It’s the time in my day where I can unplug and have some time all to myself! I have learned so much about what my body and mind is capable of doing. Especially continuing CrossFit during my pregnancy with Everly, and now baby number two; it has proven to be the best thing for my body and babies! I was a little nervous about how my body would rebound after Everly but with consistency and determination, I’ve never been in better shape or felt better in my life! There is always something to work on in CrossFit and that’s why I stay so committed! It’s never boring, constantly varied and intense, perfect for my very short attention span!

What is your favorite thing about the gym/crossfit?

The energy at the gym is something I always thrive off of. Everyone is there for the same reason, to better their health and fitness. We have met so many great people and the community at our gym is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Favorite color: lol
Favorite food: Anything from the Poor People’s Pub 😉 well.. and avocado toast.
Favorite exercise: Anything I beat my husband at😂
Most dreaded exercise: Anything with running.
Personal best: Muscle up, HSPU.


Feel free to add anything else you would like: 
Kyle- Thank you for your insane amounts of knowledge and commitment to us and the gym. You are much more than just a coach. Some days you are our doctor, councilor, therapist, and most days our common sense!! 😉
Anne: thank you for always pushing me even when I think I can’t do it. You’re always proving me wrong! You’ve really made me a more confident athlete.
Lance: Although you ask me where my husband is 807,788,657 times a week, I still love you and will allow the bromance to continue;) Thank you for your insane programming, dedication and enthusiasm to our gym.
Annie: I look forward to seeing you every Friday even though it’s a deadly workout. I appreciate how attentive you are. We love that Hack is sharing you with us!
And I must add a little something in for my baby daddy— Bo, thank you for once again getting me pregnant right before the open… I know it’s the only way you can beat me;) but seriously.. thank you for always pushing me. Even when I want to quit (or punch you) I appreciate your motivation. I’m so grateful we share this together and are setting a good example for our girls.
Love you Coach K ❤️