Tell us a little about yourself:

Mother, wife, daughter, scientist, tiny house living, dog loving farmer.

How and when did you first discover CrossFit?

I first discovered CrossFit when my neighbor (Jess Yario) and I were carpooling to the “gyms” in the morning. She would drop me off at planet fitness and she would go to 207. Every morning she would tell me about her workouts and they always seemed so HARD and so AWESOME all at the same time. She finally convinced me one morning to come over across the street to 207, and I never looked back. This was the first week of May 2017 with Murph being the beginning of my 2nd week at CrossFit 207 (Can you believe I stayed??)

How has CrossFit helped you?

CrossFit has helped me in so many different ways. I first noticed it helped my posture, then I made friends, then I started losing weight and feeling healthier. Furthermore, it has not only helped me but has helped my husband get back into shape and has shown my son the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

What is your favorite thing about the gym/CrossFit?

The community, knowledge and personalized attentiveness. I have been blown away by the amount of knowledge, support and sense of community that emanates at 207. My 5am crew is the best around- they are all amazing and always push each other to do our best. We have our own type of crazy.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Food: cape cod potato chips

Favorite Exercise: anything squat related ( Except for thrusters)

Personal Best: #195 front squat

Most Dreaded Exercise: burpees and box jumps

Anything else? Much love to my C2TW ladies.