Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Upstate NY, went to college in VA, and then moved all over the east coast for/because of a career in higher education, so I currently work at USM (although I moved to Maine for love). Aside from Crossfit, I dig poetry and non-fiction (reading and writing both), gin, live music, punctuation, baking, shoes/shoe-shopping, giving the right gift, dogs, travel, and surfaces clear of clutter.


How did you discover CrossFit?

I came to CrossFit through my (then future) wife, Cristen Carpentier. At first, I just thought she was super-human and that I could never attempt such a thing. In high school, I half-heartedly participated in field hockey, track, and softball, but mostly because it was a way to spend time with my friends; I had never considered myself an athlete. I tried CrossFit a few times after moving to Maine, but that honestly left me feeling even more like I wasn’t built for it and that it was only for a certain type of people (my first workout ever was a half Murph). But Cristen knew my love of order probably meant that a structured introduction to the WODs, equipment, and movements would work for me (as opposed to the chaos of open gym), so she gave me the two-month on-boarding course for Christmas. I started in January 2016 and now I cannot imagine doing without CrossFit.


How has CrossFit helped you?

I can fit in all of my suits now! No, really–how HASN’T CrossFit helped me? It’s given me a sense of accomplishment: no matter how crushed I may feel by work or other stresses, every day I get through the WOD, I feel I’ve achieved something. It has taught me how to be present: I tend to worry about pretty much everything, but I can’t be distracted by work or bills or home repair or dog health or genocide or thank-you note etiquette when I’m at 207–I have to manage my breath, my internal dialogue, and my body to get through whatever hell Lance has dreamed up. And yes, I’ve lost some weight, but it’s more that my body has changed in ways I never thought possible–I have delts! who knew?–certainly not at age 40. So I carry myself with a little more confidence now. And it can’t be overstated: I’ve gained some amazing friends.

What is your favorite thing about the gym/CrossFit?

I love the joy we take in each others’ achievements… plus all the stuff I said about CrossFit helping me.

Favorite Color?


Favorite Food?

Tough call: Pickling cucumbers or oyster crackers, but never together.
Most Dreaded Exercise?
Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks to the coaches for tolerating my mouth. Gratitude to Cristen for helping me over my initial massive doubts and listening to my now daily chatter about what happened at the gym. And love and sweat to my C2TW crew.